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Weekend Strategy Outlook

If the situation in Russia and Ukraine deteriorates, the financial markets that will benefit will be Gold, Japanese yen, U.S. dollar, crude oil and the Canadian dollar. Other commodity currencies are also expected to rise.

If further deterioration in Russia and Ukraine continues, the euro may not be so lucky again, but the dollar is expected to rise with a wave of momentum. The Japanese yen and gold are also likely to continue to attract hedge funds. Crude oil prices… Continue reading

Special Topic: Outlook of Feds Reduction to Quantitative Easing

In the monetary policy meeting the Fed announced the latest issue of the continued reduction in QE, and to abandon the policy interest rate forward-looking guidance. There was also a hint that they might raise interest rates ahead. The dollar index once again embarked on the cusp of the market.

From the point of view of yesterday’s Fed monetary policy decisions, the Fed continued to shrink QE 100 billion to $ 55 billion, and will abandon the original threshold of… Continue reading

The Crimean Referendum Stir in Financial Markets

As for the results of the Crimean referendum there are new problems, especially in Russia and in Europe. This problem will enter a new phase for the United States and Russia. The financial markets will have spillover effects from the results of the referendum. U.S. stock decline on Friday’s close was the most seen in seven weeks. Investors believe that antagonism between Russia and the West as well as Ukraine will spread to the financial markets. Russian investors are especially… Continue reading

Russian and Ukrainian Outlook

One of the problems is the fact that Crimea and the Ukraine are in an ultimatum situation. On one side, there are wealthy upper-class families and politicians which side with Russia because of business connections and cheaper natural resources. On the other, the subordinate classes are vying for connections with the EU. The ultimatum is to gain democracy for the subordinate classes by building a relationship with the EU, or continue economic connections with Russia for cheaper natural resources.

Although… Continue reading

Factors Affecting the Success of Forex Trading

Many psychological factors tend to guide our trade determinants of success or failure. The Forex market is like a worldwide arena, in order to beat the market and make a profit, it is necessary to maintain a peaceful state of mind, objective and rational analysis of the market. Also, you must learn to truly grasp the market. But how do you achieve and maintain this state?

First, you must diversify. Diversification benefits are obvious; this enables investors to obtain… Continue reading

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